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The Nautilus® Freedom Trainer™ offers versatility and user-defined paths of motion. Unlike other functional training systems in the marketplace, the machine arms adjust in two planes and are counterbalanced for ease of adjustment in vertical planes. An infinite number of exercises can be performed with the Freedom Trainer™. It offers versatility and user-defined paths of motion, enabling the user to imitate virtually any activity and reap the full rewards of functional training, improving strength in integrated movements that imitate specific activities, whether sports-related or the movements that make up daily life.

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  • Vertical and horizontal adjustments made easy with lever handle
  • Dual-pulley head design allows for better cable tracking in all positions
  • Four-to-one weight ratio for increased cable travel
  • Weight adjustments in 15-lb (6.8 kg) increments
  • Product Dimensions: 47in W x 50in L
  • Product Weight: 600 lbs (273 kg)
  • Weight Stack: 305 lbs (139 kg)